Descendants of Philipp Ellissen and Betty May

Philipp Ellissen, b. 13 Feb 1802-d. 11 Mar 1882, and Betty (Philippina) May, b. 19 Dec 1806-d. 1880, have at least 61 living descendants. Their children gave rise to branches of the family in London and Paris to start with, and living descendants are now in other places.

Mainly known as a merchant and Frankfurt city representative, Philipp David Ellissen started a business in Manchester in the mid-1800s, probably leaving it to be run by others. At any rate, his youngest son Gustav’s first job in England was in the firm of P.D. Ellissen in Manchester in 1852, when he was 16. (He was only there for a short while. He spent 1854-59 in Paris and 1861-65 in Hong Kong, before settling in London as a stockbroker.)

Excerpt from “The Jews in Manchester”, Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1879, mentioning the P.D. Ellissen business on Cooper Street. The “low pile of warehouses” were presumably removed in the 1860s to make way for the Manchester Town Hall which has occupied the site since 1871.

This is my latest version of their descendants, with the aid of information found by Jean-Louis Helbronner, Cathy Bruneau and Vicky Nash.

[Click to enlarge]

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