Guest list at the wedding of Herbert Ellissen and Florence Lucas

The wedding of Herbert Ellissen and Florence Lucas took place in London on 31 March 1906. A news clipping of the event, shown below courtesy of Rick Lucas via Cathy Bruneau, is notable for what it adds to our knowledge of the relatives of bride and groom.

The full document as a pdf can be seen here.

Rather than a list of guests, the wedding notice presents a list of the weddings gifts and their givers. However, perhaps we can assume that most if not all the givers were in fact the weddding guests. They occur in this order:

  • Mr and Mrs F.H. Lucas, parents of the bride
  • Mr and Mrs R.A. Lucas. R.A. Lucas was Florence’s uncle and the great grandfather of our correspondent, Rick Lucas.
  • Gustav and Mrs (Annie) Ellissen, parents of the groom.
  • “Mr Frank Ellissen” – Frank Ellissen was the groom’s first cousin but he appears to have died in 1900. I think this is a misprint for “Mrs Frank Ellissen”, nee Elizabeth Burton (Betty) Kennedy, 1866-1961.
  • Myles and Frank Ellissen, the two sons of Frank Ellissen, aged 10 and 8 in 1906.
  • Mr Victor Ellissen, the groom’s first cousin.
  • Mr August Ellissen. The only candidate known at present was Gustav’s eldest brother, of we know nothing except that he was the eldest in the family. He would have been about 77 years old in 1906. The back of the Moritz Oppenheim portrait of Betty May, Gustav’s mother, has “August, Frankfort” shown as her first child. Since he fails to appear in any UK census he probably never left Frankfurt (and may not have left Frankfurt to attend the wedding).
  • Marie and George Burton, the groom’s sister and brother-in-law.
  • Frank and Fanny Burton, George Burton’s eldest brother and his wife.
  • Percy and Annie Burton, George Burton’s middle brother and his wife.
  • Edgar Stern, the son of Johanna, Gustav Ellissen’s sister. A first Johanna Ellissen, Gustav’s aunt born in 1804, married into the Weisweiller family in Paris. Her great-great-granddaughter, Carole Weisweiller, is the biographer of Jean Cocteau, who was a frequent guest at her mother’s villa on the Cote D’Azur, Santo Sospir. The second Johanna Ellissen is previously documented in only two places: (i) as the wife of the Frankfurt banker Salomon Stern in Alexander Dietz’s Stammbuch and (ii) on the back of the Moritz Oppenheim portrait of Betty May as one of three sisters, “Joanna, Marine, Paula”. By inference she was about two years older than Gustav Ellissen and she may have been dead by 1906. The appearance of Edgar Stern, the founder of a dynasty of French bankers, in the guest list is the first new indication that the Johanna Ellissen that married Salomon Stern was indeed the “Joanna” from the back of the portrait.

  • “Joanna, Marine, Paula” (with the eye of faith)

  • Mabel and John Foster Hall, the groom’s first cousin and her husband.
  • A sequence of over 50 names follows, for which the identity is not so easy to discern, e.g. “Mr, Mrs and Miss White”. Some stand out, though, if you know what you are looking for.

  • “Mr J. Reinack” and “Mr W. Reinack” both gave Dresden china dishes.
  • It is a bit odd that they should both give the same things – unless they sent them and didn’t actually attend the wedding, as Dresden china would have been standard gift items rather like store vouchers. Actually, there is no-one in their circle of acquaintances by the name “Reinack” – what is meant is “Reinach”. It is very likely that “Mr. W. Reinack” was in fact Wilhelm Markus Reinach, 1849-1931, a factory owner from Mainz (about 25km west of Frankfurt) and the father of the German philosopher Adolf Reinach, 1883-1917.

    The link is as follows. The sister before Johanna Ellissen was Mariane Ellissen, b. 1833 (“Marine” on the back of the picture). An entry in the International Genealogical Index shows her husband to have been Hermann Reinach, 1825-1906, a wine merchant and city elder (‘Ehrenbürger’) of Mainz. It appears that she was a second wife, her predecessor having died when her son, Wilhelm Markus Reinach, was aged 7.

    The identity of “Mr J. Reinack” is a little harder. There were a number of J. Reinachs among a second extended family of Reinachs, for example, the Frankfurt-born French financier Jacques de Reinach, b. 1840, who was implicated in a bond issue scandal relating to the Panama canal and was found dead, possibly poisoned, in a Paris hotel in 1892. However, only one was extant in 1906: the Paris-born Joseph Reinach, 1856-1921. Joseph Reinach was one of three famous brothers, cousins of Jacques de Reinach, the other two being classical archaeologists. Joseph Reinach was a well known public figure in France, and is most notable for having been the champion of Afred Dreyfus. In 1906 he was the deputy for Digne in southern France and his gift – as opposed to the non-gifts of his brothers – may have been the gesture of a public figure who had a great many social obligations to fulfil.

    The bizarre thing about Wilhelm’s son, the philosopher Adolf Reinach, was that he had a French namesake, Adolphe Reinach, ?1889-1914. Adolf was carried away by patriotic fervour in 1914, somehow linking his phenomenology to the future of Germany, and volunteered for the front, from where he continued to write papers on philosophy until he was killed in Flanders in 1917. Details are not to hand for Adolphe, but he was killed in 1914 fighting for the other side.

    We can see the connection of one branch of the Reinachs to the Ellissens; the fact that the other is also represented here by a gift giver is strongly suggestive that the two branches were directly related. We just don’t know how at the moment.

    Among the remainder, some can be identified, others not:

  • Mr and Mrs Friedlander – a common enough name.
  • Mr Gaston Foa – unusual.
  • Mr and Mrs Dechsner – could be a misprint for Oechsner.
  • Mrs H. Shuker – ?
  • Mr and Mrs Hoersheim – ?
  • Mr and Mrs Cecil Hoersheim – could be a misprint for Cecil Floersheim, 1871-1936, described as a “minor British poet”.
  • Mr and Mrs Cecil Raleigh – easy enough, Mrs CR was Isabel Ellissen, the groom’s first cousin.
  • Mr F. Spielman – ?.
  • Mr Ludwig – ?
  • Mr and Mrs Simpson – George Burton’s eldest sister Katie and Henry Simpson.
  • All in all, a very informative guest list.

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    25 Responses to Guest list at the wedding of Herbert Ellissen and Florence Lucas

    1. Cathy Bruneau says:

      Could the three sisters not be ‘Teresa’, Marine Paula? The first name just looked like Teresa to me. May I have just thrown a spanner in the works?

    2. Pingback: How many Johanna Ellissens are there? | John Ellissen Burton – discussing the Frankfurt families (and others)

    3. You are probably right, but no spanner because Johanna really was a daughter of Philipp and Betty. See my new post ‘How many Johanna Ellissens are there?’

      The three daughters we can prove were Johanna, Rosina and Mariane. Not yet sure if there were a Theresa and Paula.

    4. Carolyn Skelton says:

      You are correct that Mr and Mrs Cecil Floersheim would have been there, and that the name ‘Hoersheim’ was a spelling error, as both Herbert Ellissen and Cecil Louis Floersheim were executors of Louis Floersheim’s will (father of Cecil and a German banker with British citizenship) so I recognised the name straight away. I am related to Cecil Floersheim’s wife: Maude Beatrice Sleath Skelton so have done some research into the Floersheim family.

    5. Carolyn Skelton says:

      I have information about the relationship between the wedding guest Cecil Floersheim (the son of German merchant banker Louis Floersheim of Frankfurt) and Herbert Ellissen, as an ancestor of mine was married to Cecil Floersheim and is the Mrs. Floersheim in the wedding list. Please contact me if you are interested.

      • Thank you Carolyn. Did I reply before? I apologise if I didn’t because perhaps I hadn’t got the hang of WordPress. I am certainly very interested.

        • Carolyn Skelton says:

          Dear John,
          Apologies for writing twice – for some reason I hadn’t seen my earlier posting and assumed (as I hadn’t heard from you) that it had not got through.
          Herbert Ellissen (as mentioned above), banker of 4, Drapers Gardens, City of London, was one of the executor’s of Louis Floersheim’s will (along with Floersheim’s 2 sons – Cecil and Walter, Edwin Freshfield and Baron Emile Beaumont D’Erlanger). The 3 non-related exectors received £1,000 each. As Louis had a large amount of money to dispose of, the will was extremely lengthy and complicated (which is why he needed so many executors I suppose). Louis Floersheim was a naturalised British Citizen, originally from Frankfurt, and had many ties with the German community in London through his merchant bank. His son, Cecil Louis Ferdinand, became a ‘literary barrister’ (a not uncommon professional combination) and was best friends with another literary barrister, St John Welles Lucas (related to Herbert Ellissen by marriage). In his will, Cecil requested St John take care of his literary estate, but unfortunately he died a few months before Cecil did. However, a book of Cecil’s poems was published posthumously, although St John was a much better known poet. I believe Cecil met my relation (Maude Beatrice Sleath Skelton) through her brothers, who had been at Oxford with Cecil, and one of whom took over the family business.
          So as you can see, Cecil knew both the Ellisen and Lucas families, which is why he and his wife were at the wedding.
          Please let me know if you want any further information.
          Best wishes
          Carolyn Skelton

    6. Thanks. This is extremely interesting. Yes, I hadn’t thought to pursue Florence Lucas’ connections as I thought I might draw a blank in Canada. My father and his sisters ought to have been able to throw light on this side of the family, but they’d all gone before we got the right questions ready. I have plenty of more questions but I’ll have to get back into it to figure out what I want to know.

    7. Stuart Allison says:

      Hi not sure if anyone can help. I’m trying to piece together the time line and descendants of Frank and Elizabeth Ellissen nee Kennedy. I have bits of info on Myles and Frank but does anyone have the full story. I am from Ulverston UK where Elizabeth who was one of 16 children if anyone wants any background on her?

      • cathybruneau says:

        Hi Stuart,

        I believe you contacted me through recently and sorry have not replied sooner. You had said you had some very interesting information on Elizabeth Kennedy Ellissen and would love to hear it(I see Myles A. was named after one of her brothers perhaps). To add to John’s info below……. I recently found a 1940 census of Francis Kennedy Ellissen in Los Angeles. His Mother Elizabeth and Step Father Harry B, obviously came to visit him in LA and he is listed as an Actor Singer with Freelance engagements(he was also listed as a musician on a journey to NY through Seattle by ship). I am not surprised about this as there is an artistic gene in the family having an aunt who was an actress in England(Isabel Ellissen acting name Saba Raleigh). He later naturalized American and I have not found any children or marriages yet. He was buried on Vancouver island and I have the pictures of the headstones of the family.

        Elizabeth suffered the loss of her first husband Francis Henry Ellissen in 1900 who died unfortunately in a Psychiatric asylum at Claybury Hospital in Essex. Right now I have very little info on this. At the time he was listed as living on St Mary’s Road Ealing. Obviously this is where she resided with her two sons. Between 1901 and 1911 she met Harry Bernard Wingate White, who I found out was born in India. I have a small sneaking suspicion that it’s possible she met him through Mabel Ellissen and John Foster Hall as John was also born in India. Perhaps John and Harry B. knew each other?

        Harry B. and Elizabeth Married in Kensington London in March 1911. They then moved to Devon while one of her boys Myles was at school at Malvern College in Worcestershire. And in 1913 they all hopped on a boat in Liverpool and headed for Canada arriving in Quebec and I am assuming attempted the long journey West to Vancouver Island Canada.

        Myles Ashworth and Francis Kennedy both went to school at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver island and both went to WWI as John mentioned. Myles was injured at WWI but not sure of the severity. Myles later ended up in Calgary about the age of 37, bought a school in 1933 (Strathcona) and moved it’s location to Elbow Park, Calgary(1939) and married his first wife during that time, of whom he met close by, Helen Lethbridge(found no marriage certificate yet). He soon returned to war after selling the school. I believe they had no children. Helen died in 1964 in Vancouver as this is where they were living at the time. But Myles soon remarried to a much younger Beatrice (nee) Burroughs who had been previously married. She and Myles were married until his death. She remarried after that and died recently in Vancouver(passed away as Beatrice Lacon). She sounded to be a very exuberant and vivacious woman. There were no children but she did have some children through her former marriages that Myles would have known well. Perhaps, they might be the next step for some info if we could find them.

        Again if you want more info or if you have any for us, give John your email address and he can certainly pass it onto me. or I will contact you through Ancestry too. It would be lovely to hear about the prominence of the Kennedy’s and how they knew the Ellissen’s too if you want to email me. May they be of any relation to the Irish “Kennedy’s”? Her middle name was also Burton and we have many Burton’s in the family line also, so that could be interesting too.

        Thanks Cathy

    8. Stuart

      You don’t say what you do know about them. Anyway:

      Frank was Francis Henry (Frank) ELLISSEN, b. 1868-d. 1900 and was one of the 8 children of Adolph (Adolf) ELLISSEN, b. 28 Jun 1830-d. 17 Feb 1900 and Pauline Elizabeth ELLISSEN [Pauline LEVESON], b. 18 Oct 1834-d. 16 Mar 1908.

      Frank and Elizabeth’s children were:
      1. Myles Ashworth ELLISSEN, b. 1896-d. 10 Sep 1973,
      2. Francis Kennedy ‘Frank’ ELLISSEN, b. 27 Nov 1898-d. 1970.

      Myles was born in Chelsea and Francis in Hastings. After their father died Elizabeth and her two sons are shown in the 1901 census as living in Ealing. I haven’t checked the 1910 census thoroughly but I think Elizabeth had taken her sons to Canada by this point. She had married Harry Wingate White in Canada by 1916 because Francis lists his next of kin as Mrs Wingate White in his enlistment papers. She couldn’t have married him until at least 1910 because their joint grave stone shows him to have been 23 years younger, born in 1889.

      Both sons were Lts in WWI, Myles winning the Military Cross. Myles had a career running a boys school in Canada and died in Vancouver. Francis died in Los Angeles where for some reason I think he worked on film scripts, though I can’t find what evidence I have for this. He was returned to Vancouver for burial, presumably by Myles.

      Which bits do you need more info on?


      • cathybruneau says:

        Aaha John, So it just dawned on me that the White’s were at the wedding. Mr & Mrs White would have been Harry’s parents quite possibly. I’m just slow to the game. It does mean they were family friends. This could have been how Elizabeth (Betty) met Harry? Although he probably wasn’t there, unless that is him previously married with a daughter???

        • cathybruneau says:

          The plot thickens a little. Mr White was Harry Bernard Wingate White. Mrs White was his widowed mother, Elizabeth L White. And Miss White was his older sister Dorothy Wingate White. They were all born in India. and in 1901 living in Ealing. They obviously now were at the wedding and claim the ??? of who the White’s were.

        • cathybruneau says:

          Although Harry had another sister named Margaret also. BUT, Dorothy married eventually in 1909 to a Behjamin Bushell. There is a Mrs Bussell at the wedding. This could be of relation and misspelled. Or perhaps I have it misspelled. Will investigate.

      • Stuart Allison says:

        Hi John, thanks for getting back.
        I own a building company in Cumbria UK and we carry out repairs to Stonecross Mansion which was the family home of the Kennedy’s Elizabeth was one of 16 children born to Myles Kennedy and Margaret Rowley. The family were iron ore miners and when her father died at 47 he left an estate worth £200 K which in today’s money would have been £20 million!
        I had seen that MAE was with a Beatrice but assumed this was a daughter so it was good to find out that she was a second wife.
        I think the Burton connection is just coincidence as her Grandmother was called Elizabeth Burton born in 1900. She was the only child of Myles Burton.
        I am interested in chasing what happened to the 16 children after their father died so the background on the boys was great to fill in that they had no issue so that line stops there.
        Her brothers were highly decorated in the military and I have some photos of them and Stonecross if this line is of interest.

        • This is pretty interesting. Yes, you are almost certainly right about the Burton name. It is likely to be a coincidence (except that you never rule anything out) but it is spooky that my mother’s name (after marriage) was Betty Burton. Our Burtons came from Winster in Derbyshire which was … a tin mining village.

          Photos – yes please! Perhaps send to us offline.

    9. Stuart

      Vicky Nash is the expert on this side of the Ellissens. If you’d like to comment below with your email address, I’ll send it to her and your address won’t appear here as I get to intercept comments before they go up.


    10. Even more excellent work, Cathy!

      • Mathew Loup says:

        Hi John (and Cathy)

        I wonder if you can help me please. My father (Michael Loup) is reconstructing our family tree and history. As part of that, I’m trying to research for him the Kennedy side of the family in Vancouver, where I now live. Our connection is through to Elizabeth Burton Kennedy, who was the sister of my father’s grandmother (Kathleen Trollope).

        What I’m trying to do is find out whether there are any children/grandchildren in BC of Myles Ashworth Ellissen and Frances Kennedy Ellissen.

        Also same from Elizabeth Burton Kennedy and second husband Harry Bernard Wingate White.

        Can you help?

        Many thanks, Mat

        • Stuart Allison says:

          Hi John, I have been in touch with the Loup family and have passed on info to them. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. ( no pun intended) Stuart

          Sent from my iPhone

        • Mathew Loup says:

          Hi Stuart – were you in touch with another family member? I’ve not received any info via e-mail…

          thanks, Mat

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